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  • What benefits are available to my spouse if I die after I retire?

    During your retirement application process, you and your spouse determine what type of benefits will be available after your death. With your spouse’s consent, you can elect;

    • 50% joint & survivor option, or
    • 75% joint & survivor option, or
    • 50% joint & survivor option, or
    • 60 Certain Guaranty Benefit.

    Get more information and see comparisons in the Summary Plan Description.

  • Are there any benefits available to my spouse if I die before I retire?

    Yes. There are three types of survivor benefits payable before retirement if you are vested, but your spouse is entitled to only one. They are as follows:

    1. Pre-Retirement 50% Spouse’s Benefit

    The Pre-Retirement 50% Spouse’s Benefit provides a lifetime benefit to your surviving spouse if you die before your pension begins.

    • If you are age 60 or older, the benefit is equal to the pension benefit you would have received if you had retired the day before your death.
    • If you are younger than age 60, the benefit is determined as if you were age 60 at the time of your death.
    Certain eligibility requirements apply.
    2. 60 Certain Guaranty Benefit

    The 60 Certain Guaranty is payable if, at the time of your death, you are vested, at least age 60, and:

    • Not married; or
    • Married for less than one year

    If you are age 60 and you die before you actually retire, your beneficiary will receive a monthly benefit payable for a total of 60 payments guaranteed. This benefit is equal to the amount of the pension for which you were qualified.

    3. Death Benefit Pension Benefit

    If you die before you reach age 60, a death benefit pension will be payable to your spouse who is not eligible for the Pre-Retirement 50% Spouse’s Benefit if you have either:

    • 10 Years of Pension Credit; and
    • Earned at least ¼ Year of Pension Credit in the calendar year in which you die or the immediately preceding calendar year.

    The amount of the Death Benefit Pension is equal to your pension credit multiplied by $345.00. This amount is divided by 60 and is paid to your beneficiary in 60 equal monthly payments guaranteed.


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