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Are There Any Survivor Benefits if I Die Before Receiving a Pension?

Yes. There are two types of survivor benefits payable to your beneficiary before your retirement, if you are vested and have no spouse. Your designated beneficiary is entitled to only one.

1. 60 Certain Guaranty Benefit

The 60 Certain Guaranty is payable if, at the time of your death, you are vested, at least age 55, and:

  • Not married; or
  • Married for less than one year

If you are age 55 and you die before you actually retire, your beneficiary will receive a monthly benefit payable for a total of 60 payments guaranteed. This benefit is equal to the amount of the pension for which you were qualified.

2. Death Benefit Pension Benefit

If you die before you reach age 55, a death benefit pension will be payable to your beneficiary if you have either:

  • 15 or more Years of Pension Credit; OR
  • 10 Years of Pension Credit and you earned at least ½ Year of Pension Credit in the calendar year in which you die or the immediately preceding calendar year.


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