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Prescription Drug Benefits

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Your Plan offers comprehensive prescription drug coverage and partners with Express Scripts to provide you with a national retail pharmacy network, a home delivery program, and access to critical specialty medications used to treat chronic and rare conditions.

Coverage includes 4 categories of prescription drugs. Each prescription you fill is in one of these categories. The type of medication determines your co-payment amount.

  • Generic Drug: a non-brand name substitute for a brand-name medication; be sure to ask your doctor to approve a generic if available on your prescription.
  • Single-Source Brand-Name Drug: currently no generic drug available as a substitute.
  • Multi-Source Brand-Name Drug: one or more generic drugs available.
  • Specialty Medication: one that is used to treat complex, chronic or rare medical conditions.

You have 2 options for filling your (non-specialty) prescription with Express Scripts:

For long-term medications taken on a regular basis, the Plan requires that you increase your prescription to a 90-day supply after your 3rd refill. This saves you and the Plan money.

Fill your 90-day prescription through the Express Scripts Home Delivery Program or at a Walgreen's retail pharmacy.

Accredo, affiliated with Express Scripts, is our contracted provider for specialty medications used to treat chronic and rare conditions, which often require special handling. Visit www.accredo.com to order specialty medication refills online, check your order status, track shipments, learn about your condition, and much more.

Download the Express Scripts App to your smartphone or tablet to order refills, make payments, and even set up reminders to take your medications.


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Prescription Drug Benefit Frequently Asked Questions